rupture pin technology
rupture pin technology

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rupture pin technology history

In 1986, Shell and Exxon came to Mr. Julian Taylor of Taylor Tools and asked him to solve a serious problem with pilot operated valves that were failing to operate 5% of the time. The set pressure was 83 bar (1220 psi) and the tolerance was +/-1.5%. This tolerance was not possible with conventional methods.

Mr. Taylor developed the Rupture Pin pressure relief valve. This Rupture Pin valve was used in parallel with the existing pilot operated valves. He used Euler’s Law of Compressed Columns to meet the stringent requirements handed to him.

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Industries Served:

• Chemical Processing
• Food Processing
• Oil & Gas Production
• Pharmaceutical
• PipelineVMA btn
• Pulp & Paper
• Well Drilling
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  Julian Taylor

Mr. Julian Taylor
Rupture Pin Technology
Buckling Pin Technology
Taylor Valve Technology

Mr. Taylor's companies have over 100 U.S.
and foreign patents in more than 50 years.


Rupture Pin Technology is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is still owned and operated by Mr. Taylor and enjoy an honored and excellent reputation in the pressure relief and emergency shutoff business. Our customers come to us for solutions to problems with any pressurized system, whether it is relief or shutoff. Over 25,000 valves have been sold through trained independent representatives around the world and have a remarkable 96.4% customer satisfaction rate.


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