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Advanced Custom and Standard Relief and Isolation Valves

What sets us apart?

Rupture Pin Technology has over 25 years experience manufacturing advanced custom and standard safety pressure relief and pressure isolation valves. The unique technology utilized for Rupture Pin valves is unlike conventional pressure relief valves and rupture discs, and provides many benefits that these valves are unable to achieve. The pin contained in each Rupture Pin valve is the heart of our technology, and is vital to the function, accuracy, and consistency of the valve. By modifying the pin, Rupture Pin is able to control the valve’s performance—from small changes to more dramatic changes. It is for this reason that each pin is carefully crafted using a precise manufacturing process.

Rupture Pin Advantages

When you choose Rupture Pin Valves over conventional relief devices, there are several key advantages. Here are a few of them:



They offer a greater accuracy in that their standard tolerance is +/- 5%.


Full Bore Relief

We achieve full bore relief in milliseconds.


Less Downtime

You don’t need to break the line in order to change the pin.


Quick Pin Turnaround

Get your replacement pins when you need them.


Low Ownership Cost

The maintenance cost and pin replacement cost is significantly lower than other conventional valves.



The Rupture Pin Valve has only one moving part, the piston.


No Fatigue

Handles pulsating pressures with no fatigue.



Employees are not exposed to the media when replacing the pin.


Environmentally Safe

No pollution emitted when resetting the valve.


Resets in One Minute

The pin can be replaced by one person in under a minute regardless of the size of the valve.




Reliability can be checked in operation under pressure.



Quick visual indication of the pin buckling.


Zero Fugitive Emissions

Class 6 Bubble tight seal when resetting and operating our valves.


Remote Sensing

Remote sensing system available to tell that the pin has buckled.


Custom Built

“Your application, your valve.”

Industries Served

Our pressure relief valves and emergency shut off valve range is used in a myriad of industries including but not limited to: Oil & Gas Production, Pipeline, Well Drilling, Chemical Processing, Food Processing, Waste Water Processing, Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper, and more.

Some of the common applications of our pressure relief line include mud, slurry, fracking fluid relief and anywhere conventional relief valves and rupture discs are used. The Rupture Pin Technology line of pressure isolation valves is primarily used to prevent damage to downstream equipment, like meter houses and line transitions. We also have clean service valves available for use in areas like pharmaceutical plants and food and beverage plants.

These are just a few of the advantages of using our patented rupture pin technology. We manufacture standard and custom safety pressure relief and isolation valves in a myriad of sizes and applications. For full details on the rupture pin technology, see our individual product pages or contact a representative today.

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