Model C-M

Model C-M

The Model C-M is an angle valve that holds a bubble-tight, closed position until pressure reaches an exact set point. At set point, the valve instantly opens to relieve pressure from a protected system.

Model C-M

Set Pressure: 15-3,000 Psi
Accuracy: + / – 5%
Connections: Standard and custom available.
Seals: Available for high & low temperatures, viton standard.
Standard Materials: Body mild steel with stainless steel trim, other materials optional.

Product Feature

There are no voids for material to pack into inside the valve. The media flow moves past a flat piston. Also, there is an angle port provided to inject water to clear the seat of solids prior to reseating the piston.


The Model C-M valve is used mainly on steam jacketed flow systems and in the pulp and paper industry. It can also be used nearly anywhere conventional relief valves and rupture discs are currently being used.

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