Model C-N N.A.S.A. Valve

Model C-N

The Model C-N is a relief valve with dual balanced outlet with two settings 8,300 PSI and 9,400 PSI for oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. The valve’s design was commissioned by NASA.

Model C-N

Set Pressure: 8,300 and 9,400 Psi
Accuracy: + / – 5%
Connections: Dual balanced output.
Seals: Standard available.
Standard Materials: Standard available.

Product Feature

The pin is located outside the valve and is the heart of the operation, acting as the sensor and actuator. Once buckled, one person in under a minute can reset the pin in place without breaking the line.


We manufacture standard and custom safety pressure relief and isolation valves in a myriad of sizes and applications. Our valves are used in many industries including but not limited to: Oil and Gas Production, Pipeline, Well Drilling, Chemical Processing, Food Processing, Waste Water Processing, Pharmaceutical Processing, Pulp and Paper Plants, and anywhere conventional relief valves and rupture discs are currently being used.

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