Model H High Pressure

Model H High Pressure

The Model H is best in Methanol and Chemical Injection Systems and is available for pressure set points up to 20,000 PSI. The product is an angle valve that holds a bubble-tight, closed position until the pressure reaches an exact point, at which time the valve will open within milliseconds creating minimal exposure of the flow to the piston. The Model H is unaffected by pulsating pressure or changing ambient temperate at the pin.

Model H High Pressure

Set Pressure: 5-20,000 Psi
Accuracy: + / – 5%
Connections: Standard and custom available.
Seals: Available for high pressures, kalrez or viton seals.
Standard Materials: Body 316 SS, 316 SS trim is standard.

Product Feature

The pin is located outside the valve and is the heart of the operation, acting as the sensor and actuator. Once buckled, one person in under a minute can reset the pin in place without breaking the line.


The Model H valve is used mainly in Methanol and Chemical Injection Systems. It is the ideal substitute for rupture discs or belville washer type relief valves. It can also be used nearly anywhere conventional relief valves and rupture discs are currently being used especially in a high pressure situation.

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