For years the products and drilling procedures have remained the same for drilling rigs. However, with the exponential growth of advanced technology new products and tools are successfully superseding the conventional approach every day. Rupture Pin Technology’s Mud and Frac Valves have created change in the drilling industry.

We have found an innovative and a smart alternative to the expensive and time-consuming spring relief and shear pin valves that have been the standard for over pressure protection in the mud and frac drilling industry for years. It is the invention of our new Model I-C Frac drilling valve.

Our drilling valves are extremely accurate and have the ability to withstand pressures up to 12,000 psi without fatiguing or buckling early. These valves utilize the revolutionary pin technology that is the core element of each Rupture Pin device. They allow for higher working pressures without the worry of premature failure of the safety pressure relief device.

In order to accomplish such high precision, Rupture Pin Technology utilizes Euler’s Law toModel IA-US_2inch_web determine the exact set point at which the pin will buckle every time. Our valves prevent any type of pump and system damage during the drilling operation.

Our drilling valves, also known as  Mud and Frac Relief Valves are extremely effective and consist of a single moving part. The task of replacing the pin and resetting the valve can be performed in under a minute – by only one person. This helps to create minimal downtime in the production phase.

Rupture Pin Technology’s drilling valve has helped many companies save time, money, and efficiency by switching to this new product.
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